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About Genesis House

Genesis House is a therapeutic community based residential drug treatment program providing long-term treatment and rehabilitation for the complicated client with multidimensional problems. Clients typically have multiple deficits, which may include substance-related disorders, criminal activity, psychological problems, impaired functioning, and anti-social value systems. Their relationships are chaotic, non-supportive and often abusive. They have limited work and educational histories. Our clients have endured multiple relapses and/or self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors. Our treatment program is designed to address critical, unresolved issues that are likely to lead clients to chronic relapse. We teach clients to recognize these behavioral patterns and teach them new coping skills.

The clinical continuum of care is divided into three phases. The length of stay in each of the phases is dependent upon the client’s individual needs and treatment recommendations. Clients are expected to complete each of the three phases in sequence. As their skills increase, the degree of structure is decreased. The average length of stay in the program is 12 months.

  • Phase 1 is full-time structured treatment phase, designed to address client’s educational and vocational deficits, as well as socially dysfunctional behavior. Individuals in Phase 1 attend group therapy sessions covering topics such as drug education, life management, basic skills, exercise, dual diagnosis, domestic violence, skill-building, meditation/yoga, parenting, gender specific, trauma, life-stories, 12-step meetings, and relapse prevention. Individuals are taught self-care skills, responsibility and accountability, while developing interpersonal support. Average length of stay is 4-6 months.
  • Phase 11 clients attend fewer groups and are assisted in integrating into the recovery community through employment and/or education. In this phase, clients practice living and coping skills in “the real world.” Clients are in Phase 11 for 2-3 months.
  • Phase 111 is a structured recovery house setting, available for those clients that have completed Phases 1 and 11. Individuals in Phase 111 are required to have full time employment or attend school on a full time basis (or a combination of the two). Clients attend weekly continuing care groups and have individual counseling with their primary therapist once per week. Clients graduate after 3-5 months.

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